Benefits of Streamline Data Purchasing Package:

  1. Gain complete control over your purchasing activities for Costing and Stock Inventory
  2. Speed up your Order Processing
  3. Maintain the most efficient stock levels for optimum cash flow
  4. Enter Data once into your system, no double entry of any data
  5. Links up to current office package
  6. Accurate detailed tracking of all purchases
  7. Easy comparison of prices between suppliers
  8. Can be 100% customised to meet your individual needs

Main Features Include:

  1. Multi-user Capability
  2. Purchase Orders can be sent using email or fax
  3. Email done at the click of a mouse direct from package
  4. Quick, easy, and accurate purchase order entry
  5. Intuitive user interface allows for ease of use and very little training
  6. Standard/Recurring Purchase Orders per Supplier
  7. Optional Customer Code field on purchase order line items
  8. Unlimited line items and pages on purchase
  9. Order adjustments on posted purchase orders
  10. Item Price Lookup inquiry screen
  11. Three tier Category Subdivisions allows for flexible costing analysis
  12. Detailed history reports giving Orders/Category, Orders/Supplier for any time period
  13. Reprint purchase order at anytime from history
  14. Search for individual orders by Order Number, Supplier or Date
  15. Calculate Gross profit for any time period

Streamline Data
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Mobile: 086 3849006