All businesses from large to small and even start-ups suffer with data issues. Streamline Data has created, repaired, integrated and managed virtually every type of database. We guarantee our database implementations to meet identified customer requirements and be flexible enough to grow with the business without any major re-design.

Streamline Data offer six main services:

  1. CRM: One of the most important assets of any business is their customer base, without any clients we have no business, and as this list grows larger we need ways to manage and protect this valuable information so we can get and stay in touch with their clients and also carry out both market and financial analysis. To be able to carry out accurate and informative market/financial analysis, the information retained on clients needs to be accurate and will vary between different businesses. We will work with all of your existing data, no matter what format it is in, to consolidate, remove duplicates and import it in to the new application.
  2. Purchasing/Cost Control Packages: Another very important aspect of any business is costing. Gain complete control over your purchasing for costing and stock inventory and the same time speed up your Order processing. This can be done by having a purchasing package tailored to your business that contains your entire suppliers and all of their products. This allows for accurate detailed tracking of purchases and easy comparison of prices between suppliers. Different variations currently used to achieve very successful results in the hospitality industry can be customized to suit the purchase needs of any business.
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  4. Invoice Package: This is a good starter package for any business that needs a fast and easy way to get out their invoices issued, but can also be used to give information that is not available from your accounts package, e.g. how your profit margin varies per invoice, as your price may vary between customers. This allows you to analyze your percentage mark-up along with the turnover for your customers.
  5. Variance Reports: This is currently aimed at the Hospitality Industry, where one needs to get their existing Point Of Sale, Reservation package, Stock package and accounts package communicating with each other, so it is possible to get a detailed variance report without any manual entry of data.
  6. Property Management Applications: Streamline data has developed two applications specifically for Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. One is for rental property management and the other is for sales property management. By using effective software it is possible to eliminate the paper trial and all the work that goes with it.
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  8. Microsoft Access/Crystal Reports Training: Very rarely do you get the reports you need with software, each individual business has different requirements in terms of data representation so the best solution can to build your own reports using Crystal Reports which can connect to almost every know database. Streamline data offers onsite training at reasonably daily rates in both Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports using step by step tutorials that will cover everything from the building a basic report to a sophisticated report using multiple tables that include sub reports, cross tabs and advance formulas. The training can also include working with the clients database to help build their own custom reports.

Gain complete control over your purchasing activities for Costing and Stock Inventory.

Just one of the Benefits of our New Purchasing Package.

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Radisson SAS Hotel
"Streamline Data provided us with a cost control package, customised to suit our exact requirements, helping to track our purchase order system."

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